Structuralism’s Minuses, Structuralism Plus

The next symposium in this series will be held at the University of Chicago on March 5th. We are very pleased and honored that Jonathan Culler (Cornell University), Nicholas Cook (Cambridge University), and Danilyn Rutherford (University of California Santa Cruz) will be speaking about the critiques of structuralism. We are very grateful that Françoise Meltzer, Lawrence Zbikowski, and Andreas Glaeser (all from the University of Chicago) have agreed to respond to the speakers. The full program is appended below.

We’ve asked our speakers to consider how the emergence of structuralism and then of its critiques may continue to animate much theoretical work in the human arts and sciences today, both in the academy and beyond. Have critics successfully resolved structuralism’s minuses, as we might term them, to get to positions of structuralism plus? Or have such critiques in effect simply side-stepped the goals of structuralism’s structures and moved on to foci in (structures of?) power or notions of ontological indeterminacy lying behind or below structure? Has anyone successfully or productively theorized the possibility of freedom from structure itself in human and especially aesthetic endeavors?

We are looking forward to an enriching discussion.




(With many thanks to Eric Triantafillou for the design of the poster.)